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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with the development of computers to perform tasks that require "intelligence". Tasks requiring "intelligence" are generally considered to include problem solving, learning through experience and automatically adapting to new scenarios.

AI Research

AI is a broad topic with research divided into subfields with different approaches and aims. Strong AI is concerned with getting computers to think like humans and have human traits such as consciousness. Strong AI is an important topic for computer science, philosophy and science fiction. Weak AI (also known as "applied" or "narrow" AI) is concerned with getting computers to act rationally to match or exceed human performances at specific tasks.

AI Achievements

The use of AI techniques has been applied to many real-world problems. Applications of AI include:

Widely publicised achievements in AI include:

AI Techniques

Research into AI has lead to the development of a number of general methods for solving difficult problems.